Design Ideas for a Modern Custom Home

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While design a custom home, it is important to mix and match with care. You need to use natural elements, metals, a mix of traditional and urban designs and patterns.

You can incorporate industrial glam in your new custom home. Usage of high sheen accessories can add that element of warmth to your home. You can go for softer furnishings which usually go well with industrial elements.

If you want to give your house a minimalist elegance, you can go for Nordic and Scandinavian designs and styles. These designs would give an organic yet balanced look to your home. These go well with furniture styles in particular. You can throw in wooden elements and linear lighting for additional sensibilities.

If you want to go for a retro feel to your home, you can go for velvet design, As a matter of fact, velvet design is no longer an old-fashioned trend. You can see it getting incorporated into modern homes and they look and feel really great.

If you want the color palette of your home to be soothing, you can go for subdued pastels as well.