Work Opportunities IN Oxfordshire

Oxford, located in the county of Oxford shire in the United Kingdom, is a city steeped in history and is famed for its ancient university. For more than eight centuries it has been the residence of royalty and academics. Today, it is a city which has a good mix of the old and new. This cosmopolitan city has many businesses, colleges, museums, parks, historical buildings, shopping areas, places to eat and drink; so it has much to offer tourists and residents alike.

About the University of Oxford

Located in the city of Oxford is the University of Oxford, (commonly known as the Oxford University), the second oldest university in existence in the world and the oldest one of the ‘English-speaking world’. This world-leader in tutelage is said to have been established as early as 1096 and is still one of the top universities of the world today. There are 38 colleges that come under the umbrella of the University of Oxford, offering students a wide range of curricula as well as extra-curricular activities. Nearly one third of all the faculty and students at Oxford are from overseas.

Search for various stuff in Student classifieds

As a student in Oxford one may need to find out about student accommodation to rent, student communities, look for student jobs, buy or sell stuff like textbooks, electronics, vehicles etc., getting things repaired and various other services available. A good way of getting to know about things is to check out the various student classifieds in Oxford.

One hi tech industry based in Oxford that reaches out to university students to give them work experience is the Oxfordshire based SEO firm

This firms take between 10 and 15 POstgraduate students each year to write contnent and generate thought leadership for its clients, based in the UK and globally.

Student life is more than just being a scholar

As a student, there is plenty to be experienced in Oxford and you may find that you are doing things that you’ve never attempted to do at home. Yes it is true that the bicycle is the most popular mode of transport and that student gowns are the academic dress in Oxford; however, there is also great deal more to student life in Oxford than just being a scholar. There are sporting activities, the famous ones being rowing and punting; the theater, museums, cinemas, parks, public speaking events where many notable and prominent people speak to the students and a great nightlife too, where there is a ‘student night’ almost every night at some club or the other.

The Student Union at Oxford

If you are a student at Oxford University then you automatically become a member of the Oxford university student union. This union is a self-governing student organization that aids its members academic, welfare and social interests. The Oxford Student Union provides its members with an array of services such as information and advice on student accommodation, academic difficulties, student issues, financial problems, childcare, disabilities and welfare. It also arranges socials, events and publications. There are no membership fees and you can withdraw from the membership if you want.