Why Should You Hire Merlin Custom Home Builders

If you are interested in investing in a new custom home development project in Las Vegas, you might want to consider working with Merlin Custom Home Builders. They are considered to be the best in the business in the locality. You might want to take a look at their website to know how good they are. 

Merlin Custom Home Builders have a team of highly dedicated professionals who have years of experience building custom luxury homes in Las Vegas. They take pride in making their clients’ dreams come true by building their dream homes. This is how they have reached great heights in the industry.

A good builder is one who finishes a project in the way it has to be finished. They have to stick to the design created by the architect or the home designer. This is a big challenge faced by most custom home builders. Merlin is a company who are experts in realizing the designs created by the architect. If you are interested in hiring them, just drop in an enquiry through their website or just pick up the phone and talk to them.

Different Phases of Custom Home Building

The construction of a custom home happens in phases. Building a custom home is quite complicated. Hence, it takes place in phases. Otherwise , it would become difficult to manage the whole process.

The primary phase of custom home building is the discovery phase. This is the phase where the homeowner, architect and the builder sit together and discuss about the project. They would chalk out what to do and what not to do. The discovery phases includes aspects such as plot hunting, design creation and so on. The budget would also be decided during the discovery phase. This is a phase which should not be rushed.

Even though the professionals involved discuss about the design of the home during the discovery phase, there would be a separate design phase where the home designer goes into the details and develops the blueprint for the home.
Once the design phase is done, the construction phase would then begin. Even though the custom home builder would be involved in the earlier phases itself, his real job starts during the construction phase and the realization of the design happens. This is the longest phase of custom home construction.

Custom Home: Difference Between a Builder and a Contractor

The cost of constructing a new home would definitely be high. In case of a custom home, the cost would shoot up even more. It is of paramount important to weigh up all of your options before the start of a custom home construction project. Efficiency and effectiveness are the key aspects of a new custom home construction project. Without these key aspects, the cost may shoot up well beyond the estimated budget. So, choosing the builder is the key to make sure that the whole project moves along efficiently and effectively and the cost doesn’t go up without control.

Most people think that a builder and a contractor are same. But, it is not true. They are two different kinds of professionals. A contractor is more like a manager of the whole project. He would make sure that the materials are good, labor is adequate and all the necessary approvals are obtained without hassles.

But, a builder’s job is more technical. The builder would focus on the actual construction process of the custom home. The builder would be in close touch with the designer and the architect.

Overview of Custom Homes

If you want to build a special home for your family which is specifically designed keeping your family in mind, then you need to hire a custom home builder. Normally, an architect would be creating the plans for the home and the builder would work on the construction to help build the dream home for the client. The client would decide the layout and features of the home.

Typically, the client would already have the land for the construction of the home and the builder would construct on that land. However, there are cases where the builder would sell land specifically suited for the construction of custom homes. In such cases, the construction would be a lot easier. But, flexibility is the key feature of going for a custom home instead of a regular spec home.

Custom home builders never use stock plans. They would work on plans specially designed keeping the interests of the client in mind. Different kinds of custom homes can be built. Construction of a custom home would usually handled by a competent builder such as Merlin Custom Home Builders in Las Vegas.