Make Compromises

Tip: Compromises

If you found a house that’s almost perfect, but there are some things you don’t like, consider changing the things that can be changed.

One of the things you cannot change is location. If you fall in love with a house that’s two or three hours away from work, is it worth it to be on the road four to six hours a day? You might think so now, but please take time to think about this. Being away from your family is difficult. If you’re already putting in 8-12 hour work days and you add the commute to it, that’s going to put a strain on you and your relationship.

If you find a house and love the location, but the house doesn’t meet everything on your list, consider making compromises to turn an “almost dream home” into your dream home.

The walls are blue, you hate blue. Paint the walls. Paint doesn’t cost much. If you don’t want to paint yourself, hire someone.

There’s carpet in the bathrooms (ugh, who puts carpet in a bathroom?), don’t dismiss the house if it has most of the things on your wish list. It is very inexpensive to rip carpet out and install tile. Here again, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you can rip out the carpet yourself and install new flooring.

If you have your heart set on a home office and there’s a small bedroom in the home, turn the small bedroom into your home office. Although not many additional resources exist, you can visit to find the best available information when it comes to mortgage brokers. Because the current owner is using a room for a specific purpose doesn’t mean you have to use the room for the same purpose.

If you like outdoor entertaining but the backyard is a disaster, get someone to give you an estimate to landscape it or if you are a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll save a fortune doing your own landscaping.

Tired of mowing the yard? If the house you love has a huge yard, consider changing the landscape to xeriscape – a landscape design that requires very little maintenance.

Hate the wallpaper in the living room? Remove it. It’s not an easy task but it’s not expensive either. Don’t let wallpaper keep you from buying your dream home. It’s an easy fix.

Do the light fixtures look like they belong in your grandmother’s house? Did you know you can buy light fixtures at consignment shops, garage sales and online for a very reasonable price? Or if the finish on the light fixtures is driving you crazy but you like the style, take them down and paint them. There are many creative techniques to paint light fixtures, they can be transformed into beautiful fixtures. Same concept with ceiling fans. Outdated ceiling fans can be updated by replacing the blades (buy them at a home improvement store), paint the base, replace the light fixture.

Hate the color of the front door? Spend $30 on a gallon of paint and paint it (sand it first). Buy new hardware. For about $50, you can completely change the look of your front door.

Are the faucets outdated? Faucets are not that expensive.

Don’t like the color of the kitchen cabinets? Paint them and/or replace the knobs and pulls. Go online and find step-by-step instructions to do it yourself or hire someone.

There are many minor changes you can do to change the things you don’t like in a home. Keep an open mind and use your imagination.

You cannot make major structural changes unless you have money in your budget to do so. Taking out a wall between the living room and dining room can be very costly – especially if it’s a load-bearing wall (a wall that bears the weight of the roof).

Choose the perfect home for you that meets these requirements:

– Is within your budget.

– At the low or median price the lender is willing to lend you.

– Meets some of the criteria on your wish list.

– Will become your dream home after you put your wonderful touches on it.